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Goal Achievement Rate

Cultivating sustained behaviors for success, one step at a time.

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Goal achievement rate is a key tracking and accountability tool we use to measure the number of participants who achieve the goals they set forth in meetings with our social workers.

While working through the Impact Program, participants are matched with mentors who support Fresh Start women to identify, set, and achieve goals they establish on their journey towards self-sufficiency.

In FY23, our overall goal achievement rate for adult goals was 88%.
To compare, one study on goal achievement found a 32% goal
achievement rate among university students.* Below are the goal
achievement percentages, broken down by each individual pillar.

* Gollwitzer, P. M. (1993). Goal achievement: The role of intentions. European review of social psychology, 4(1), 141-185.

Goal Achievement Rates per Pillar on the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®



Ninety percent achievement rate.

Examples of goal achievement within the Family Stability pillar:

– Schedule Resource Coaching session to learn about rent assistance programs

– Develop a Goal Action Plan with Social Worker to help identify next steps for getting a GED

– Attend a Family Court Q&A session to learn more about what documents are most helpful to include in child support case


Ninety percent achievement rate.

Examples of goal achievement within the Health & Well-being pillar:

– Enroll in AHCCCS and find a mental health provider

– Attend Mentee Information Session to begin the process of getting connected with a mentor

– Practice mindfulness & stress relief techniques in moments of anxiety


Ninety-one percent achievement rate.

Examples of goal achievement within the Financial Management pillar:

– Create a budget to accurately track monthly income and expenses on an ongoing basis

– Research banks in the area and choose the best one to open a savings account

– Download an expense tracking app to better understand how money is being spent


Eighty-three percent achievement rate.

Examples of goal achievement within the Education & Training pillar:

– Research admissions requirements for the EMT program at local community college

– Attend upcoming WIOA Information Session to learn about scholarship funding opportunities


Eighty-eight percent achievement rate.

Examples of goal achievement within the Careers pillar:

– Move from Level I to Level II in a Microsoft Windows computer literacy class

– Improve interview skills to get hired at a new semiconductor manufacturing plant

– Take the Predictive Index assessment to see what kind of field may best suit career goals and interests

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“My experience with the Fresh Start Impact Program has been wonderful. I have been able to complete goals that I have never imagined to do. This program has helped me with my self-esteem by
stepping out of my bubble and doing stuff that I would never think I would be able to do—like going to college or doing programs that involve interacting with a lot of people.

I am happy with my life.

Before I started the Fresh Start Impact Program, I was depressed, real quiet, and didn’t think about my goals and career. The Impact Program has taught me to prioritize my goals. It can be personal goals, like getting my driver’s license, or gaining skills for a new career.”