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Special Initiatives

Support for the journey to self-sufficiency

Supporting women, transforming communities

Dedicated to supporting the journey to self-sufficiency and success, Fresh Start is proud to collaborate with trusted partners to help cultivate intentional dialogue, diversity, and specialized support for women in our community.

Current special initiatives include:

  • Justice-involved women
  • Women veterans
  • LGBTQ+ women
  • Survivor support

Our featured special initiatives

Learn more about our targeted efforts to provide resources and support that help women achieve self-sufficiency and use their strength to thrive!

Justice-involved women

Committed to helping women forge new beginnings, Fresh Start has programs specifically designed to support justice-involved women. 

Women veterans

Proudly serving all women who served, Fresh Start provides free resources and support to help veteran women gain self-sufficiency and achieve their goals.

LGBTQ+ women

Mental health support is vital to ensuring long-term success on the journey to self-sufficiency and personal empowerment. Fresh Start is proud to provide women in the LGBTQ+ community with the resources and support they need to thrive.

Survivor support

Fresh Start honors the resilience of women who have survived domestic and sexual violence. With post-crisis resources, we’re here to help support your journey to healing. 

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