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Our Approach

Pioneering strategic solutions. Catalyzing long-term growth.

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A mission of impact & multi-generational change

Fresh Start’s comprehensive, strategic approach is designed to help women build a personalized pathway out of poverty and towards self-sufficiency.

Our service delivery model empowers women with the tools, resources, and sustained behavior changes necessary to attain and preserve economic independence.


Elements of our strategic approach that set Fresh Start apart

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Informed by brain science & the impacts of chronic stress

Our science-based, evidenced-informed model is founded on brain science—namely, how poverty causes chronic stress which, over time, inhibits executive function in crisis decision making.

Our approach leverages “Mobility Mentoring” and works to strengthen persistence and resilience over time.

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Comprehensive, holistic service offerings

All of our service offerings fall within five key areas, or “pillars,” along the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®.

The Bridge takes a comprehensive approach, as a person is more likely to achieve economic independence if they look across all areas of life, rather than tackling one area alone.

Learn about the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® →

Strategic goal-setting & one-on-one support

Every woman has the opportunity to establish an on-going, one-on-one relationship with a Fresh Start social worker who assesses her unique situation and coaches her based on her individual needs, giving her the support needed to both set and achieve strategic goals.

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Future-focused pathways to long-term change

Access to education and career pathways are imperative to establishing self-sufficiency.

Our network of employer and educator partners allows us to work collaboratively in creating unlimited opportunities for Arizona’s women, giving them the skills they need to enter in-demand career fields and earn a livable wage.

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A holistic path to self-sufficiency

Fresh Start is proud to be the first organization in the state of Arizona to implement an innovate, new service delivery model to best serve the women we work with.

Beginning with understanding the brain science of chronic stress, poverty, and crisis decision making, we provide women with access and resources they need to not only achieve economic self-sufficiency, but sustain it.




Meets the urgent needs of women and their families, providing a foundation for sustained, long-term behavioral change through strategic goal-setting.


Education & employment

Ensures long-term economic independence and personal empowerment, with a focus on securing a self-sufficient wage in a high-growth career field.



Economic self-sufficiency & personal empowerment allows each woman to thrive: she is able to provide for her family, has decrease reliance on government subsidies, and contributes to enhancing Arizona’s economy

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®, developed by Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) and summarized below, is an evaluation and goal-setting tool used to help women identify needs and track progress. The Bridge takes a comprehensive approach, as a person is far more likely to achieve economic independence if they look across all areas of life, rather than tackling one area alone.



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Reviews the stability of housing, safety of household, & ability to meet basic family needs


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Health &

Assesses physical & mental health, as well as available support networks to help achieve goals


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Includes debt management, future planning, & ability to meet family’s financial needs


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Education &

Considers skills, education, & training necessary to pursue a chosen career


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Accounts for ability to earn a living wage in a job that meets career & future goals

Proven impact in every step forward.

Our goal achievement rate

Goal action plans allow women to identify what steps are necessary to build the life they want for themselves.

With support from Fresh Start staff, women are individually mentored and coached through the process of identifying, setting, and achieving goals as they take steps towards self-sufficiency.

Below is the goal achievement rate from the last fiscal year, organized by pillar:

Ninety percent achievement rate.

Pillar One:
Family Stability

Ninety percent achievement rate.

Pillar two:
Health &

Ninety-one percent achievement rate.

Pillar three:

Eighty-three percent achievement rate.

Pillar four:
& Training

Eighty-eight percent achievement rate.

Pillar five:

Celebrating stories of success

Success is more than a destination—it is present in every step of a woman’s courageous journey to achieving her full potential.

See the power of a life transformed through our strategic approach and the impact our work has within our community.

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