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Individual Success Story


After 40 years in an abusive marriage, Carol finally got the courage to leave. Through Fresh Start’s classes and support, she found her confidence and now speaks about domestic violence.

Carol* had been in an abusive marriage for 40 years. She had learned what to say, what not to say, and how to act to avoid the abuse.  She thought of calling the police many times, but kept remembering what happened when they were in their 20’s and the police were involved – her husband put two police officers in the hospital with serious injuries.

Finally, her chance came.  While her husband was out of state, she called the police department and was able to safely leave. The police gave her information about Fresh Start and she attended a support group facilitated by a master’s level social worker that examined self-defeating, co-dependent behaviors that affect our relationships. She was surprised how many women other were going through the same thing.

Carol started coming to Fresh Start twice a week to take various workshops and through her involvement was able to obtain counseling services at another organization.

Recently retired, Carol’s social security wasn’t enough to live on and only wanted to work part-time.  Through her renewed faith in herself, Carol started her own business appraising antique cars for insurance brokers. Working part-time left her available to also focus on her new passion – helping women in abusive relationships. 

She has been trained to speak about domestic violence and has presented to a senate committee, the Secretary of State and, most nerve-wracking for her, to groups of men ready to be released on parole.

Carol’s step into Fresh Start allowed her to forge a new life path. The most amazing thing about Carol is that after 40 years of continual abuse from her husband, she has managed to accomplish all of these new things in just one year.