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Individual Success Story


“I’m proud to show my children that we can live the life we deserve. Even when everything was stacked against us, we were able to break that.”

She’s Hired!

For months Adrianna contemplated a career change, but as a single mom with two children below the age of four, she felt that going back to a university setting was impossible.  

Already equipped with a bachelor’s in early childhood education, Adrianna wanted to make the switch to a career that fueled her passion for finance. She found Fresh Start in the Summer of 2023 and was immediately drawn to the first-ever Women in Finance cohort starting in the fall.  

After applying, Adrianna got the great news that she was accepted into the program. Finally, her dream career was in reach. But she would soon realize her struggles didn’t stop there as doubt crept in.  

“I had so many struggles just to make it to class every single day,” Adrianna recalled. “It really came to a point where I was questioning if it was a timing issue and wondering, ‘am I really supposed to do this?”  

Three weeks into the cohort she was rear-ended on the freeway en route to Fresh Start’s downtown headquarters. At that moment, Adrianna felt like giving up. Then she thought, “What if this experience is challenging because it’s supposed to grow me? What if it’s challenging because it’s an opportunity?” 

In those difficult moments, Adrianna turned to a newfound sisterhood: the women in her cohort. They lovingly referred to her as the group mom, but together, they shared a new mantra: Why not us? 

“I think we all went through different times like that within the cohort and that’s where the sisterhood came in. We reminded ourselves of our “why” and asked each other how we can support one another. We honed in on that sisterhood,” Adrianna said.  

“We all have life outside of this. Some of us are working, some of us are mothers, some of us are in transition so it’s being able to come together knowing that this is a passion of ours and we should keep our dream alive that has been the most valuable.” 

Hungry to get a strong foundation in the finance industry, Adrianna plans to get her foot in the door at a financial institution to gain experience with her license, make new connections, and work as a financial planner to become a financial advisor.  

“It’s cool to see my goals evolve throughout the Women in Finance cohort,” she said. “Now I know I want to close the gap in financial intelligence in socio-economically challenged communities. I’m passionate about helping people prepare for retirement, especially those self-employed.” 

On cohort graduation day, Adrianna celebrated with her classmates and embraced their sisterhood.  

“I’m so proud of how far these women in my cohort have come. It has been an honor to do this with them and it really makes me proud. Being that mentor and leader, whatever mother title they gave me, I know I’ve got to be a part of their evolution and see how far they’ve grown in eight weeks. To me that’s amazing,” Adrianna smiled. 

By the completion of her Women in Finance cohort, Adrianna found that she shattered her imposter syndrome. It was clear to her that she could make a run in the finance industry. Through Fresh Start’s support, Adrianna is on track to provide a life and childhood for her kids that she didn’t have growing up.  

“I’m proud to show my children that we can live the life we deserve. Even when everything was stacked against us, we were able to break that,” she said. “I’m showing them that hardships can be overcome, and they deserve the best. That is my goal – to give them the best.” 

She’s Hired! 

Adrianna received several offers after meeting with employers during the Women in Finance Interview Event. Perfectly aligned with her goals, we’re thrilled to report she accepted a position with a wealth management firm.