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Family Stability Resource Fair

March 11, 2023

9:00 am — 1:00 pm (AZ Time)


Join us for a day of workshops and resources centered around creating stable home environments and empowering women as leaders in their lives!

About our pillar resource fairs:

Fresh Start opportunities are centered around five key areas, or “pillars”: Family Stability, Health & Well-being, Financial Management, Education & Training, and Careers.

Family Stability is an essential pillar that ensures women have the support they need on their journeys to self-sufficiency, allowing them to fully engage in all aspects of their life, seek a stable home environment, experience housing security, and access resources for dependents. This fair will include in-house and wider community resources that help support family stability in order to empower women in the community. This event is open to any and all women in the community and their families!