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September 27, 2018

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation Hosting The Grantsmanship Center

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is honored to present The Grantsmanship Training Program at the Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center from November 5-9, 2018


Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is honored to present The Grantsmanship Training Program at the Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center from November 5-9, 2018.

For over 45 years, the Grantsmanship Training Program has been the nation’s gold standard of grant seeker education. Fresh Start is inviting the community to join generations of social advocates who have achieved success by attending this grant proposal writing course.

“It is an exciting opportunity to give our community access to incredible training from The Grantsmanship Center,” said Fresh Start Director of Operations, Abdu Dahr. “Coursework like this is crucial to the nonprofit community and will allow more individuals and organizations to gain the skills they need to receive grant funding for their valuable community programs.”

 Whether you’re a seasoned expert in search of new tools or have yet to submit your first LOI, the Grantsmanship model will enable you to navigate the proposal process with confidence and ease. Learn how to do the research, make a plan, and secure the funding you need to change your community.  Grantsmanship is so much more than just a grants training- it’s a shift in perspective. Participants will leave the classroom with a fresh lens, the ability to win funding, and access to invaluable alumni resources.

The course will run from November 5-9, 2018 and tuition for the incredible week long course is $1,095. Tuition includes:  guidance by a dynamic expert in this 5-day, hands-on grant seminar; practice finding foundation, corporate, and government funding for nonprofits in Phoenix and beyond; sample grant proposals for reference; a binder full of grant resources; certificate of completion for all who fully attend and much more! If you register with the promo code “FSWF” you will receive $100 off!

If you are interested in registering, visit: The Grantsmanship Center Website.

“Fresh Start is fortunate to have community partners such as Hope Women’s Center who is co-hosting the event with us,” said Dahr. “They understand the value this training has to the community and are a wonderful partner to work with.”

The Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center offers a wide breadth of programs and services, including career readiness, family law support, social work services, domestic violence support, scholarships, mentoring, computer skills training, professional clothing, and financial coaching, as well as job placement services through the onsite Goodwill Career Center. To learn more about the programs and services that Fresh Start offers or to get started on your own Fresh Start journey, please visit: