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Individual Success Story


Moving to Phoenix alone and without a job, Blaire found herself in need of resources, guidance, and community. With Fresh Start support, Blaire advanced her career, eventually going on to earn her master’s degree and a Google career certificate.

Blaire’s* Fresh Start story begins in 2011—in “a period that would later be called ‘The Great Recession,’” she shares, “but at the time, life just felt profoundly unfair.”

Blaire turned to Fresh Start in the hopes of finding support, guidance, and community. Pursuing a more promising job market and lower cost of living, she had recently left her hometown and arrived in Phoenix with no contacts or a clear sense of direction.

“When I first came to Fresh Start, I had just moved from Chicago with two suitcases and a prayer,” says Blaire.

At Fresh Start, Blaire was able to get connected with a social worker and access career support services, giving her the help she needed to secure employment.

“Fresh Start helped me find a job on more than one occasion,” she recalls. With the employment piece settled, she felt like she was finally able to get her footing and her confidence began to build.

“I was finally able to grow my network of professional contacts and make friends. I was also able to work towards a career that earned a higher income.”

But Blaire’s journey with Fresh Start didn’t stop there.

Having achieved self-sufficiency, Blaire continued to challenge herself to advance to the next level, ultimately going on to earn her master’s degree in public administration. Fresh Start was there for her every step of the way.

“My relationship with Fresh Start just evolved,” she says, “It went from basic job hunting to taking new classes to keep my skills current with the changing times.”

Blaire participated in Fresh Start’s “Grow with Google” program, where she earned a Google Career Certificate in data analytics. The credential, she says, paved the way for her to also complete a certificate in business analysis from Arizona State University.

“Fresh Start impacted my life by allowing me to be among other hard-working women who were creating their own success,” says Blaire. “My experience with Fresh Start provided me with opportunities to reflect and see myself as a success, even in moments where I was constantly hitting the pavement while overcoming challenges as I pursued my goals.”

“With everything in the world that tears women down, Fresh Start is the only place that I consistently experience being built up.”

Blaire’s Fresh Start story is an example of our vision and mission in action: creating unlimited opportunities for women by providing them with access and resources that help them achieve self-sufficiency and use their strength to thrive.