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Intel & MCC

In partnership with Intel and Mesa Community College, Fresh Start established a free 10-day semiconductor manufacturing workforce development initiative. The one-of-a-kind initiative is designed to increase the number of female technicians in Arizona.

Twelve women successfully graduated from the groundbreaking cohort of the Semiconductor Quick Start Program at Mesa Community College this past year.

MARCH 2022

On March 7th, the First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, visited the Intel semiconductor site in Chandler, Arizona, where she met with executives to discuss the launch of Intel’s semiconductor manufacturing workforce development initiative in partnership with Maricopa Community Colleges.

Later that day, she tweeted her excitement about the first class being a class of all women—women who would strengthen Arizona’s pipeline of female technicians.

JULY 2022

On July 14th, we hosted a graduation celebration for the twelve Fresh Start women who were part of that groundbreaking cohort: women who successfully completed the Semiconductor Quick Start Program at Mesa Community College in partnership with Intel.

Empowering Arizona’s women, enhancing Arizona’s economy

The average income of program graduates upon job placement was $43,000, a self-sufficient wage and a 53% increase from the $28,000 income average prior to program completion.

The additional income these 12 Fresh Start women will earn over the next five years equals nearly $1,000,000, an increase that will allow them to better care for their families, contribute to Arizona’s economy, and decrease reliance on government subsidies.

For us at Fresh Start, this is a tangible manifestation of our mission and vision: creating unlimited opportunities for women by providing access and resources that help them achieve self-sufficiency and use their strength to thrive. And as we work to empower Arizona’s women, we also contribute to enhancing Arizona’s economy.

We are grateful for their support in our mission: empowering Arizona’s women to succeed.