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Individual Success Story


“I would recommend Fresh Start to anyone looking for a chance to empower themselves and become the best woman they are meant to be.”   

Second chances and success made possible with the support of Fresh Start and Lyft. 

Second chances in life are within reach when organizations join in support, and Kathy experienced this firsthand as she began her journey from incarceration to re-entry and her new brighter future.   

As Kathy prepared to re-integrate in the Phoenix community and find employment, she began her search for resources and found Fresh Start. When she first arrived at Fresh Start’s door, Kathy connected with a social worker who listened to her concerns and provided her with a structured plan to implement steps to achieve her goals. Inspired by her action plan and knowledge of Fresh Start’s resources, Kathy joined a workshop with other women re-integrating into their communities.   

“The support workshop helped me understand the complexities of reentry and how I could utilize my voice.” Kathy shared.  

As Kathy worked through Fresh Start’s pillars of resources, she improved her communication skills, problem-solving, and she developed healthy relationships with her family.  

Soon, Kathy secured a job in an industry that was perfect for her, but there was one very large obstacle. The job required two weeks of training and Kathy had no form of transportation from her residence to the training site. Kathy voiced her concerns to her social worker and to her relief, learned that Lyft was generously partnering with Fresh Start to provide support to Justice Involved Women like her. Through the partnership, Kathy was able to attain free Lyft ride codes for the entire duration of her two-week training, allowing her to successfully complete the program and begin employment. 

“I could not have completed this training without the support of Fresh Start, Lyft, and my social worker. I am now working full time in a job that I love, and that reminds me that second chances are important to women like me.” 

Kathy says she is extremely grateful to Lyft for their generosity, as well as to Fresh Start, for the services they provide to women across all circumstances. 

“I would recommend Fresh Start to anyone looking for a chance to empower themselves and become the best woman they are meant to be.”   

Kathy’s story reminds us that second chances in life are within reach for anyone, no matter where they’ve been or what they’ve gone through. With the support of partners like Lyft, who share Fresh Start’s mission to help women achieve self-sufficiency and use their strength to thrive, the possibilities for brighter futures are endless.