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Individual Success Story


“The structure Fresh Start provides goes above and beyond what I felt I needed, and I have accomplished so many things because of it.” 

“Fresh Start, what a name,” Rachel* smiled. “Who wouldn’t love a Fresh Start?” 

Rachel started attending programs at Fresh Start in 2017. At the time she was a young single mother dealing with the confusing aftermath of abuse. She needed legal help but didn’t know what her first step should be. 

Introduced to Fresh Start, Rachel was amazed at the vast array of workshops, classes, and offerings provided, so she met with a social worker and enrolled as a client. 

“At times, it was a little overwhelming with the large groups of women who attended these classes,” Rachel said. “But I saw the value and wanted to better myself for me and my daughter.” 

With her daughter as her main motivation, Rachel dove in, and within months she started feeling more equipped to manage her daily life. 

Fast forward, nine years later, Rachel said she was doing well but felt like something was missing. She had dreams and goals but spent more time helping others achieve theirs than she did her own. Rachel needed more champions in her life. 

“I remembered how the women I interacted with at Fresh Start made me feel and decided to check out what they had to offer now,” Rachel said. 

She chose to enroll in the Impact Program. “I love it so much because it is really driven by me and supports whatever I need at the time,” she shared. 

“Whether it’s a financial goal, professional, educational, or personal development, the Impact Program has resources to navigate me along the way.”  

“They have offered me scholarships, professional headshots, and encouragement. I have updated my resume, worked on my business plan, and developed new and better interpersonal relationship skills—all thanks to Fresh Start!” 

Rachel didn’t stop there. She was also accepted into the mentorship program and got paired with a woman who took time every week to help her stay on track with her goals. 

“The structure Fresh Start provides goes above and beyond what I felt I needed, and I have accomplished so many things because of it.” 

Rachel said her proudest moment so far has been receiving a scholarship to enroll in the Small Business Start Up (SBSU) Program that Fresh Start has in partnership with Paradise Valley Community College. 

“I am excited about this opportunity because I will receive actual credits from the college,” Rachel said.  

“Before I was so involved with Fresh Start, I was living a “good” life… but now, I see myself as a thriving individual who is well on her way to self-sufficiency! My dream is more tangible, and I’m fulfilling my goals. Not only did I get the fresh start I needed, but I also know I have the skills and support to stay ‘Fresh!’” 

Rachel’s inspirational journey reminds us that Fresh Start offers life-long support whenever it’s needed. The programs and services are not just a short-term solution. Whatever season of life women find themselves in, Fresh Start is there to help them thrive and will empower them to achieve their dreams.