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Empowerment Support Group Series

Join a supportive group of like-minded women dedicated to self-empowerment.

Fresh Start’s new Empowerment Support Group is an in-person space dedicated to helping women build community while developing their fundamental communication and emotional intelligence skills. Topics will include foundation skills such as setting boundaries, assertive communication, developing confidence and self-esteem, strategic goal setting, practicing self-care, cultivating healthy friendships, and more!

Through sharing our experiences and encouragement, this group will foster a sense of belonging and mutual support. Whether you’ve mastered one of these skillsets or are new to trying them out in your own life, this group is designed to dismantle barriers and share our successes!

Join us in growing together and expanding your support team!

  • APR. 2024: Assertive Communication
  • MAY 2024: Boundaries
  • JUN. 2024: Confidence & Self-Esteem 
  • JUL. 2024: Cultivating Healthy Friendships
  • AUG. 2024: Goal Setting
  • SEP. 2024: Self-Care
  • OCT. 2024: Assertive Communication
  • NOV. 2024: Boundaries
  • DEC. 2024: Confidence & Self-Esteem 
  • JAN. 2025: Goal Setting
  • FEB. 2025: Cultivating Healthy Friendships
  • MAR. 2025: Self-Care
  • APR. 2025: Assertive Communication
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Pillar offerings:
– Support groups
– Health coaching
– Personal Empowerment Series
– Workshops