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Individual Success Story


When Nancy’s son joined the military, the single mom found herself lacking direction. Then, she found Fresh Start—and began the journey to a new, fulfilling life.

Nancy* was a single mom that raised her only son on her own; they were incredibly close. When he graduated high school and decided to join the military, she found herself displaced with no direction in her life.  Her career was in interior design, but she wondered about her future. 

She came across literature about Fresh Start and began seeking workshops that looked interesting to her.  She took classes about career, finance, transitions and many others.  What really appealed to her about Fresh Start was that no matter what was going on in her life, there always seemed to be a class offered that focused on that need.

Nancy applied to the Mentoring program and had two different mentors during different periods of time and worked with them on her career and personal goals.  After finishing with her second mentor, she decided that she wanted to start working with one of Fresh Start’s social workers.  Nancy worked on her goals and focused and defined where she needed to go in her life. 

Fresh Start became Nancy’s second home.  She loved learning and connecting with women who were going through the same types of transitions.  As she continued to attend classes she could see herself getting to place where she could help women that had just started attending Fresh Start.

Nancy has come a long way since she first started attending classes at Fresh Start.  Her son is home safe after spending time overseas and she has steady employment in the healthcare field. 

Though Nancy is still on her journey, as life is ever-changing, she is thankful to have found Fresh Start to guide her way and hopes to give back to women that need guidance.