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Individual Success Story


Tonya’s lifelong dream of owning a bakery always seemed just out of reach. With help from a Fresh Start mentor, she was soon welcoming customers to her new shop.

Tonya* dreamed of owning her own business, but something was keeping her from moving forward, even though she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

She had always loved baking, but she also had a fascination with trucks, so she knew she wanted to operate a food truck with baked goods.  She worked on a business plan, looked for trucks, and really started to plan out her business.

Her full-time job was an obstacle keeping her from pursuing her dream fully.  Fate intervened when Tonya was laid off from her job, but she knew better than to jump in with a new venture.

She had also been having some serious problems with her teenage daughter and decided that she needed career and personal guidance.  A friend told Tonya about Fresh Start and she thought it sounded like the perfect place for her to go for help.

Tonya began working with a master’s level social worker and they helped her set a course for her life.  She decided that she really did want to pursue her business dream, so she enrolled in Fresh Start’s mentoring program and was paired with a woman who had entrepreneurial expertise and could help her navigate this new venture.  Tonya’s mentor helped her develop goals, structure and a comprehensive business plan.

Soon, Tonya purchased her food truck, developed a logo and marketing materials, and finalized her menu and ingredients.  Her successful food truck became a brick-and-mortar store in Phoenix, where she sells some of the most delicious pies and baked goods in the Valley.